TC Electronics Harmony Control Guitar Pedal - DEMO
Control your vocal harmony processor while you play guitar! HarmonyControl - guitar gives your MIDI-equipped harmony processor new life by converting your guitar chords to MIDI. Now you can add harmony to more songs in your repertoire while you focus on playing and singing your best. Just connect standard guitar cables between HarmonyControl - Guitar and your guitar and amp then a MIDI cable (included) from HarmonyControl - Guitar to your harmony processor. Your pure guitar tone is unaffected. It's working all the time so that when you lift the bypass on your processor, harmonies flow forth instantly.


VoiceLive users rejoice! For those of you accustomed to inputting key and scale with multiple footswitch presses, HarmonyControl - Guitar drastically simplifies this procedure. Now when you want to change key and scale in a preset, all you do is tap a footswitch on HarmonyControl - Guitar, play a guitar chord and it's done.

  • Compatible with TC-Helicon, Digitech and Korg harmony processors

  • No special pickup or cabling to your guitar

  • Guitar pass through preserves guitar tone through your amp

  • Easy Auto setup - no MIDI channel selection - with selected processors

  • Uses leading edge polyphonic pitch detection

  • Chromatic tuner

  • Works with altered tunings

CONDITION- Store demo, slight surface scratches (very hard to see). Original power adapter not included but we have a Hosa power supply that is included with your purchase. Orignal box and manual included., please call the store for details.

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