Lydopptaker 16 spor Jamhub Tracker MT16

Jamhub Tracker MT16 Multitrack Audio Recorder

The Tracker MT16 by JamHub provides users with the ability to create individual recordings as well as the individual mixes that are created by the Jam Hub, the jam hub can connect straight into a JamHub or any other mixing desk on the market with use of a breakout cable for high quality live audio recording.
High Quality Recording On The Go

With the JamHub Tracker MT16 you can easily capture all your live performances in stunning 24-bit/96 khz audio resolution to playback or edit and release within your favourite digital audio workstation. With the ability to connect to any JamHub or mixer the Tracker MT16 provides up to 16 channel audio recording with independent instruments on separate channels to allow post tracking editing and mixing. With the ability to save audio in both MP3 and WAV formats the Tracker can store full live sets on the included 16GB SD card or onto an external hard drive connected via the USB port. Tracker MT16 also features wifi functionality which allows you to start and stop recordings from any smartphone or tablet via the free Tracker MT16 Control App.
Record from a Mixer

With the Tracker MT16 Breakout cable (sold separately) you can seamlessly connect your recorder to the insert jacks of any mixer to record multitrack files of all your live gigs without the hassle of traditional gear. With a streamlined JamHub Connect jack on one end, and 16 specially designed 1/4" jacks on the other, the Breakout cable plugs directly into the mixer's insert jacks to record clean post-trim, pre-fader audio that is unaffected by the room or the house mix.
Record from a JamHub Studio

Seamlessly record from a JamHub Studio via the JamHub Connect cable included with the Tracker 16 which directly connects from the port on the Tracker to the JamHub Studio remote port. Recording via the Connect cable allows you to capture individual tracks from the JamHub Studio making mixing and editing extremely easy when transferred to a computer.


Record up to 16 channels simultaneously
WiFi enabled
16 GB SD card + USB & ethernet port
24/96kHz audio in .WAV or .MP3
Connect Cable/Breakout Cable port
8 Built-in mono inputs
Headphone/Aux out


Inputs: 8 x 1/4" Jack
Outputs: 1 x 3.5mm Headphones
Connections: SD Card, USB
Storage: External SD Card
Channels: Up To 16
A/D Resolution: 24-Bit
Screen: LCD
Controls: Play, Back, Up, Down
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